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Iuvo Group Review 2020

Iuvo Group Homepage

Before we begin, I want to point out that my Iuvo Group Review 2020 is solely based upon my personal experience investing with them.

In this post, I am going to review one of the more popular peer-to-peer platforms: Iuvo Group.

Every person who is thinking of putting his money to 3rd parties should do his research. Learning about the platform, the company behind it, loan originators, etc., is a must-do for everyone serious about P2P investing.

I evaluated Iuvo Group website, loan originators, and presented my personal experience.

Structure of Iuvo Group Review 2020

The post is split into different sections:

  • Quick overview,
  • Website interface,
  • Loan originators,
  • My experience,
  • Sign-up bonus and
  • Conclusions with pros and cons.

So make sure to read this review until the end. That way you can make the best decision for you.

Quick Overview

Iuvo Group is a P2P platform from Estonia, started in 2016. They offer individual loans, automobile loans, mortgage loans, and business loans. These loans are available in Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, and Poland. Interest rates vary between 5-15%, averaging at 9,2%, as stated on Iuvo Group’s homepage.

Iuvo Group distribution

You can choose in which currency you want to invest – EUR, Bulgarian Lev (BGN), or Romanian Leu (RON). If you are not from Bulgaria or Romania, the best option is to invest in EUR loans, because currency conversion proposes and additional unnecessary risk. Don’t worry though, you can see from Iuvo Group’s statistic page there are plenty of EUR loans available.

All loan originators have 20-30% skin in the game and come with a buyback guarantee at 30 or 60 days. If you don’t know what these terms mean, take a look at my P2P Glossary page.

Interest rates

5-15%, averaging at 9,2%.

Buyback and secondary market

Yes and yes!

Loan originators

9 loan originators, all strong in stable and trustworthy.


No fees, except if selling on secondary market – 1%.

Website Interface

Iuvo’s website is basic and great. It is clean to browse and easy to understand.

Iuvo Group dashboard

In the sidebar we have links to all the important subpages – primary/secondary market, auto-invest, statements, etc.

The dashboard itself offers a sufficient summary, such as a breakdown of loans by days late provided, together with NAR and the typical headline statistics such as quantity invested, portfolio totals, etc. Loans listing is excellent, with several filters offered to help you find the loans you want.

You can deposit money by clicking the “Add funds” button in the upper right corner. Deposits can be made through bank transfer or utilizing e-payment services like Paysera, CurrencyFair, Transferwise, etc. Withdrawals must be made back to the same account used to credit the platform account and take 2 working days.

Iuvo Group primary market

Primary market lists loans available to invest in. You can filter these loans with various conditions, as seen in the picture above.

The secondary market‘s page has the same interface with, of course, loans being offered by other individual investors.

The auto-invest function is detailed and works well, though it is only available for the primary market. It’s possible to run multiple auto-invest settings at the same time.

It is possible to download your loan portfolio and manipulate it in excel to dive more deeply into one’s portfolio stats, although I am not actually delighted with the absence of portfolio metrics available on the platform GUI itself. At least I would like to see a breakdown of which producers, nations, and types of loans are represented in our portfolio.

Nevertheless, I like the flow and the cleanliness of the website.

Loan Originators

Iuvo Group loan originator

Information on all the loan originators is offered on Iuvo Group’s website, including their financial statements.

Below is the summary of every originator:

  • EasyCredit was established in 2005 and given that then it has actually been a trusted assistant to thousands of Bulgarians in meeting their costs by supplying personal loans.
  • VivaCredit is among the preferred financing companies in Bulgaria. The mission of the business is to supply high-quality services with simple access to credit options at affordable rates.
  • iCredit has been a leader in the hectic credit market in Romania since its establishment in 2011.
  • Fast Finance is a joint-stock company working as a Non-Banking Financial Institution operating in Romania since 2013.
  • KFP is a Polish entity specialized in short-term funding of medium and small enterprises.
  • Ibancar is a Spanish non-bank customer lending business offering loans protected by vehicles, established in 2014.
  • Adwisers is a Romanian originator, specialized in lending to medium and little enterprises, along with consumer loans.
  • Nordcard is a Latvian Fintech company from 2016. They offer personal loans through bank accounts and debit cards. Nordcard is the only loan originator on the Iuvo Group that pays interest on late payments.
  • Monify is another startup from Latvia, specializing in business loans to small and medium-sized companies in Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

The quality of loan originators is great. They are all long-standing leaders in their home markets. For example, Easycredit presently uses more than 4000 staff across 170 workplaces. They are the top non-bank credit institution in Bulgaria. They are a financially strong company, turning profit every year since 2007. 30% skin in the game helps to guarantee loans quality, and that the interests of Easycredit and the Iuvo investors are properly lined up.

iCredit comes from the same company as Easycredit and runs in Romania with a comparable level of success. Recognized in 2011, it is a market leader and a profitable company with 1000+ workers and 90 workplaces.

One thing typically criticized about the platform is that the buyback guarantee does not cover interest payments. Their response was:

“The interest of buy back guarantee is one of the top talked about question. I will tell you two top reason we do not provide it.
Reason is high pressure that will be triggered to the loan originator. If they provide interest of buy– back warranty they will reduce the typical yearly return. We don’t want to reduce the yearly returns.
Second factor is the legal. Our license doesn’t enable to provide the product which overlaps conditions of the bank deposit. I indicate if we use 100% redeem guarantee for principal and for interest too, our product it will be the very same to the bank deposit.”

Whilst the response was not completely acceptable, despite this problem the returns at Iuvo Group have been satisfying for me.

My Experience

Iuvo Group was the first P2P platform I invested on. I was eager to invest my money and not let it sit in my bank account, losing 2% per year thanks to inflation.

I decided for this P2P platform because of strong financial health, great loan originators, and an even better sign-up bonus of whooping 90€.

Being the first P2P platform I invested on, I needed to contact Iuvo’s support every now and then. Luckily, their support is friendly and useful, quick to keen, and address to offer the very best possible user experience.

You can check out my Iuvo Groups’s monthly income here.

Sign-up Bonus

You will receive a sign-up bonus of up to 90 € (!) if you register an account via my invitation. Check out how to get the invitation here. As a thank you, I will share with you my Iuvo Group auto-invest settings, which will give you ~14% interests!

If you just want my auto-invest settings without signing up on Iuvo Group, join me by subscribing to the newsletter (check the sidebar). The Auto-invest setting will be sent to as soon as you confirm subscription.


IUVO Group is one of my preferred peer-to-peer lending platforms today. I’ve seen fantastic outcomes thanks to their high rates of interest, with most of my loans paying up to 14,9% interest annually. I likewise actually value the loan buyback warranty and their refer-a-friend benefit is certainly among the very best in the crowdlending space.

So with excellent quality loan originators, high returns, helpful staff, and a clean website, I can solidly recommend Iuvo Group to all investors!


  • Clean website
  • Great loan originators
  • Buyback guarantee
  • Auto-invest feature
  • Secondary market
  • Great for new and old investors alike

  • No interests on late payments (except for Nordcard)
  • No auto-invest for secondary market
  • Website could provide more investment details

That’s it for my Iuvo Group Review 2020! Thank you for your time and I hope you learned a lot. Did you find it useful? Is there anything you’d like to correct me on? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss. 🙂

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