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Valentin Kragelj

Mintos Review 2020

Mintos Review frontpage

Before we begin, I want to point out that my Mintos Review 2020 is solely based upon my personal experience investing with them.

In this post, I am going to review one of the more popular peer-to-peer platforms: Mintos.

Every person who is thinking of putting his money to 3rd parties should do his research. Learning about the platform, the company behind it, loan originators, etc., is a must-do for everyone serious about P2P investing.

I evaluated Mintos website, loan originators, auto-invest settings, and presented my personal experience.

Just a heads up – if you will get confused by any of the P2P specific words, just take a look at the P2P Glossary page.

Structure of Mintos Review 2020

The review is split into following sections:

  • Quick overview,
  • Website interface,
  • Investing on Mintos,
    • Auto-invest Settings,
  • My Experience,
  • Conclusion.

So make sure to read this review until the end. That way you can make the best decision for you.

Quick Overview

Mintos is the largest European P2P platform, that launched in 2015 in Latvia. They offer loans to people as well as to businesses. At the moment of writing, they have 290 000 investors, who have 5 milliards of euros invested. On Mintos one can invest in 9 loan types (personal, mortgage, business, agricultural, car, short-term, etc.) across 33 countries and 12 currencies (most being in Euro). There are 70 loan originators (companies that lend money to people/businesses).

95% of loans have buyback guarantee, while interest rates vary a lot – from 6% up to 20%, with average being around 12%.

Interest rates

6-20%, averaging at 12%.

Buyback and secondary market

Yes and yes!

Loan originators

70 loan originators.


No fees, except if selling on secondary market – 0.5%.

Website Interface

Mintos website is very easy to manage and get around. Most of the stuff that you need is on the front page (when you are logged in).

Mintos Review overview page

Here you see your account balance, percentage returns, and status of your loan investments. On the top, you can access Invest, where you can set up auto-invest settings, Account Statement for information about money transfers, Portfolio where you see your current loan investments, and Deposit/Withdraw/FX and Help, which are both quite self-explanatory.


Clicking on the Invest button opens up a new page.

Mintos Review invest page

Here is the interesting thing about Mintos. You can choose to invest your money with Invest & Access, with auto-invest strategy, or invest manually. Now, the important thing is: don’t use Invest & Access!

Invest & Access is an auto-invest strategy made by Mintos. You just power it on and it will invest your money in loans automatically. Now, let me give you an argument about why it’s bad. Some months ago, one of the loan originators went bankrupt (or in P2P terms, it defaulted). Its loans were still on the Mintos’ market though, for some reason. What did Invest & Access do? It invested in precisely those loans! Loans that were from the bankrupted loan originator.

This can happen at any time of the day, any day. And you wouldn’t want that (well, you could want that, but you know, common sense). The other argument is that Invest & Access invests in all loans. This is bad because some loan originators are more stable and trustworthy than others. We want to invest in bigger, more stable ones. So we have to create an auto-invest strategy ourselves.

Auto Invest

When creating a new strategy, we can specify which loan originators we want to buy loans from.

Mintos Review autoinvest 1jpg

We can also choose desired interest rates, loan terms, if we want to reinvest, investment amount in one loan, and so on.

Mintos Review autoinvest 2

Auto-invest Recommendations

The most important thing is choosing the best loan originators (LOs). To do this, use table of LOs ratings from Look at scores and pick LOs with above-average ratings (I recommend 60). The less money that you intend to invest, the higher the rating number can be (because it will be easier to invest your money). But still have at least 5 of LOs, so that you diversify.

Interest rates should be from 14% upward since there really are a lot of loans available.

My Experience

Mintos was the second P2P platform I invested on. You can see my income reports here.

I decided to join Mintos because it’s the largest P2P platform and therefore more stable and safe than other platforms. Since my investment is so far pretty low, I am putting 10% of my investment money every month into Mintos.

So far I must say I am satisfied with Mintos, but nothing more than that. The reason being is, since the coronavirus, Mintos’ situation is getting more complicated, because a lot of loans are not being paid off, some loan originators are defaulting, and so on. But I think they are doing a good job solving these issues and being transparent about it.

Sign-Up Bonus

The sign-up bonus for Mintos is decent – you get 0.5% cashback of the amount that you invested. Click here to register.


Mintos is the biggest and most trusted P2P platform. It should be part of every portfolio solely because of that. It can get a bit troublesome choosing which loan originators’ loans to invest in, but I hope I explained the best and easiest way on how to do it.

Therefore, I definitely recomment Mintos to all investors!


  • Biggest P2P platform
  • A lot of loan originators
  • A LOT of loans
  • Biggest volume
  • Great interest rates
  • Simple and easy to use website
  • No fees, except when selling on secondary market
  • Excellent customer service

  • Not all loan originators are worth investing in
  • Majority of loans are from Eastern Europe
  • Operations are a bit spicy in coronavirus times (although this is a temporary con)

That’s it for my Mintos Review 2020! Thank you for your time and I hope you learned a lot. Did you find it useful? Is there anything you’d like to correct me on? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss. 🙂

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