Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update April 2020

Here is my second monthly report – P2P Portfolio Update April 2020! Despite Mrs. Corona still running around the world, I think my portfolio is in relatively good shape. Let’s analyze April’s income.

Some New Articles

I wanted to share with you the articles I’ve written recently. I hope you can find something for yourself.

P2P Portfolio Update April 2020 Overview

So far I am only invested on Iuvo Group and Mintos. You can see my reviews of them here. My next P2P platform will most likely be Lendermarket because their bonus is something I don’t want to pass on.

But first, let’s crunch those numbers.

PlatformIncomeApril’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group26,44 €13,03 %2 658,15 €
Mintos0,81 €6,88 %211,92 €
Total27,25 €‭9,96‬ %‭2 870,07‬ €
P2P Income April 2020 Graph

Overall nothing shocking (thanks Corona!), although those pesky pending payments on Mintos really pull my XIRR down. I could pull all my money from Mintos and put it into Iuvo Group, but let’s not get hasty – diversification among respectable P2P platforms is still what I prefer more.

Iuvo Group April Income

Like I mentioned last month’s portfolio update, I started investing with auto-invest function, but since the coronavirus, I am manually investing in loans on the secondary market, buying them from panicking investors. Be greedy when others are fea- … you know the rest. I don’t have to panic since life is still good for me and I only invested money I can afford to lose. Cha-ching!

On the more light-hearted note, I think it’s funny that my Iuvo Group income in March and April is exactly the same – 26,44 €.

Iuvo Group account statement:

Iuvo Group Income April 2020

Iuvo Group income graph:

Iuvo Group Monthly Income April 2020 Graph

You can check out my Iuvo Group review here.

Mintos April Income

Mintos gods were not good to me last month. I received almost no interests on my loans, thanks to pending payments and other stuff I frankly don’t understand. So much is happening with Mintos and it’s loan originators that I can’t keep up with all the news!

I am at ease with the situation though, since I believe I picked only the most stable loan originators in my Mintos auto-invest settings. I will also continue to transfer 100 € per month to Mintos because I still believe Mintos is a great platform and can be used efficiently.

You can check out my Mintos review here.

I sadly wasn’t able to buy discounted loans in the secondary market, so my ROI is not crazy high like it was in March.

Mintos account statement:

Mintos Income April 2020

Mintos income graph:

Mintos Monthly Income April 2020-Graph

That’s it for my first month. I hope you had a good month as well. Take care of yourself and your family. Until next time!

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