Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update August 2020

I am “a bit” late with my P2P Portfolio Update August 2020. To be honest, I was on holiday, learning to surf. To make it up to you guys, I will post a picture taken on the beach. 🙂

P2P Portfolio Update August 2020 Overview

Talking points for August update will be:

  • General P2P income update,
  • KFP loan originator on P2P platform Iuvo Group and
  • Lendermarket cashback campaign.

I also wrote review of P2P platform Reinvest24 – if you are interested in investing in real estate, check out the review here.

First, let’s dive into numbers.

PlatformIncomeAugust’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group27,42 €12,65 %2 762,54 €
Mintos8,39 €25,60 %427,69 €
Lendermarket5,74 €6,42 %1 471,66 €
Total41,55 €‭14,89‬ %‭4 661,89 €
August P2P Income table.

Compared to previous months:

P2P Portfolio Update August 2020
P2P Income by month.

In July, I got over 30 € of passive income after 3 months, which is cool, but this month … over 40 €! As Borat would say: very nice!

I got so high Mintos XIRR, because I finally received pending payments. With it, the total XIRR is almost 15%.

Iuvo Group August Update

Iuvo Group Summary August 2020
Iuvo Group August 2020 Summary.

Like last month, I did not open Iuvo Group’s website. It’s still cool to me how money is growing with 0 time invested.

What I want to warn you about is loan originator KFP (now called CBC). Iuvo Group initiated legal action against the loan originator by submitting a letter of claim to the court in Poland, in order to recover the originator’s outstanding payments to investors.

Luckily I excluded investing in CBC loans from my auto-invest, so I never had money invested there. In case you have money invested with them – now you know why payments are not coming in. I hope all will turn out well for you and other investors.

My Iuvo Group statement:

Iuvo Group Statement August 2020
Iuvo Group August 2020 Income Statement.

As you can see, buyback principal is getting lower by the month, which I am happy for.

Compared to previous months:

Iuvo Group Graph August 2020
Iuvo Group August 2020 Income Graph.

1 € less than in July, but nothing to worry about. Steady incomes as always.

Mintos August Update

Mintos Summary August 2020
Mintos August 2020 Summary.

I have nothing new to report with Mintos. I received pending payments, which bumped my August XIRR, but I am still not adding additional 100 € per month, because of the TOS update and other things (see here what I am talking about).

My Mintos Statement:

Mintos Statement August 2020
Mintos August 2020 Income Statement.

Compared to previous months:

Mintos Graph August 2020
Mintos Graph August 2020.

Lendermarket August Update

Lendermarket Summary August 2020
Lendermarket Summary August 2020.

Even though my Lendermarket XIRR is not yet what it should be (around 14%), I am happy with how this P2P platform and Creditstar loan originator are operating. I am depositing 100 € per month until I will have around 2 000 € invested.

Important reminder – Lendermarket is now offering a 2% bonus of all your new net deposits. This campaign is valid from September 15 until October 31, 2020. I fully support this platform, so if you want to start investing with them, you are free to use my affiliate link to register. Please see here for the link.

Next month I will receive sign-up bonus, so be sure to come back then. 🙂

My Lendermarket statement:

Lendermarket statement August 2020
Lendermarket August 2020 Income Statement.

Compared to previous months:

Lendermarket Graph August 2020
Lendermarket Graph August 2020.

Of course, I made Lendermarket account at the end of July, so the graph doesn’t show much. Still, for transparency. 🙂

ETF August Update

In August the stock market was still going strong, so my investment was looking very positive.

In September things took a bit of a downturn, but I will report that in my next P2P portfolio update.

ETF August 2020
ETF snapshot August 2020.

If you want to learn more about ETFs, check my guide here.


Overall I had a very good month. We sometimes forget to enjoy the good times and are too focused on the bad outcomes. Remember to enjoy the present moment whenever you can.

Oh, I promised a picture from surfing. 🙂


As always, have fun and see you next month.

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