Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update December 2020

P2P happy new year

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best in your life! And don’t forget to enjoy it. 🙂

I am one day late with portfolio update, but since it was new year, I hope your understand why.

Anyway, let’s jump straight into P2P Portfolio Update December 2020!

P2P Portfolio Update December 2020

Not much news to report this time apart from AS Monify loan originator, though I decided to change my investment portfolio a bit. But let’s start with the usual spreadsheet.

PlatformIncomeDecember’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group30,13 €12,65 %2879,78 €
Mintos5,60 €18,68 %450,12 €
Lendermarket20,16 €13,13 %1870,10 €
Total55,89 €‭14,82‬ %‭5200,00‬ €
December P2P Income table.

Very similar numbers to November’s portfolio update, 2 € less to be exact. I like to round number of total money invested though. 🙂

Let’s compare total income to previous months:

P2P Portfolio Update December 2020
P2P Income Graph for December 2020.

Nothing shocking, so let’s move onward, to specific P2P platforms.

Iuvo Group

Iuvo Group Summary December 2020
P2P Income Graph for December 2020.

In December, I received 30,13 € interest, which puts my XIRR for the month to 12,65 %.

This is 3 € more than in November, most of it came from additional day in month and early loan repayments.

Iuvo Group income compared to previous months:

Iuvo Group Graph December 2020
Iuvo Group Income Graph for December 2020.

Like I mentioned in November’s portfolio update, I am not sure if I should transfer some money over to the Lendermarket P2P platform since my total XIRR there is higher. But now a new problem arrived – I am getting FOMO (fear of missing out) for Bitcoin. So should I transfer the money into BTC? I really can’t decide at the moment.

AS Monify with new name

On 15. 12. 2020 I received email from Iuvo Group:

After proactively trying to communicate with AS Monify regarding the non-fulfillment of their obligation to repay the second installment of their debt to our investors, we received an official letter from the management of AS Monify. They are informing us with it about a change in the name and their future strategy for development of the company.

Their new name is AS Lumen Investments and their focus will be on investing in fast-developing companies. The new website of the company is:

My take from this is that I should be vary of this new name (AS Lumen Investments) and to not invest into their loans, since they failed to run the current company (AS Monify) successfully.


Mintos Summary December 2020
P2P Income Graph for December 2020.

In November I received 5,60 €, which brings my December’s XIRR to 18,68 %.

The high XIRR is because I got accrued interest on loan buybacks. I really like how even I don’t have much invested on Mintos, it’s an interesting P2P platform to keep track of…

Mintos Graph December 2020
Mintos Graph for December 2020.

… although this graph is nothing to be ecstatic about. 😀


Lendermarket Summary December 2020
Lendermarket summary for December 2020.

In December, Lendermarket brought me 20,16 € in passive income, which puts December’s XIRR at 13,13 %.

I’ve got nothing major to report on Lendermarket. You may be interested in their webinar’s report, available here.

Compared to previous months:

Lendermarket Graph December 2020
Lendermarket graph for December 2020.


The stock market was fairly non-moving in December. I expected some retracement because of tax reasons, but there was also good news regarding stimulus checks in the USA, so overall pretty balanced.

I decided to pull half of the money from my still-standing limit orders into Bitcoin since I firmly believe it will outperform the stock market. At the moment, BTC seems to have no bad days, but more on this in the next section.

ETF Update December 2020
ETF snapshot for December 2020.


Last month BTC was at $ 20k. Now, it’s at $ 33k, which is 60 % increase!

I don’t know exactly what is going on with it, but I am happy to be invested in it. Though currently, I am not simply buying it, but putting limit orders a bit lower. I think its parabolic move up is not sustainable, so it *should* (note: the market doesn’t care about what we think) come down soon, at which point I will catch it. That’s the plan anyway.

There are lots of positive news and cryptocurrencies integration into real-world systems, so BTC, the main cryptocurrency, is 99 % likely to go up.


December was a good month and new year started nicely. Hopefully we can throw away year 2020 and focus on the future.

Until next time!

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