Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update June 2020

I am a bit late with P2P Portfolio Update June 2020 blog post, but I am certainly not out of the P2P scene!

P2P scene seems to still be on the weak spot, thanks to Mr. Corona. Some loan originators are going default, while the strong one remains… strong. I changed my Mintos auto-invest settings accordingly, which I will share down below. For now, let’s start with the overall income for June.

P2P Portfolio Update June 2020 Overview

I see no reason to invest on other platforms, apart from current onesIuvo Group and Mintos. (I also reviewed them here.) FYI, Iuvo Group still has the best sign-up bonus of all P2P platforms.

For a start, let’s crunch those numbers.

PlatformIncomeJune’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group23,11 €11,62 %2704,95 €
Mintos2,10 €7,43 %415,96 €
Total25,21 €‭9,52‬ %‭3120,91‬ €
June 2020 P2P income table.

Compared to previous months:

P2P Portfolio Update June
June 2020 P2P Income graph.

Looks like my income is normalizing around 25 € per month, which, at 3000 € invested, is about 10% ROI per year. I am satisfied with this, although will try to aim for 12%.

You can also see that my income per month hasn’t gone down, which proves to me that I chose auto-invest settings on the 2 P2P platforms well.

Iuvo Group June Update

Like i mentioned in my last month’s income review, I changed my auto-invest settings to be a little more greedy. So far, nothing bad has happened, so I decided to keep them as they are.

Iuvo Group statement:

Iuvo Group Statement June 2020
Iuvo Group income statement for June 2020.

In June, I received about half as much buyback principal as the month before. This makes me think Corona’s impact on the P2P scene is getting smaller. Of course, we would like to see this number be at 0, but it’s a bit unreasonably to think so.

Income compared to previous months:

Iuvo Group Graph June 2020
Iuvo Group income graph for June 2020.

Stable gains are best gains, I say. 🙂

Mintos June Update

Mintos platform seems to be an oddball since Corona started. Lots of people seem to not like it anymore. Complaining that loan originators are going bankrupt, pending payments piling up, overall bad climate …

Everyone should decide for himself what he wants to do with his money. (except when it gets stolen (aka taxed))

I decided to stick with Mintos platform since I have no real problems with it. All I did was change my auto-invest settings because there weren’t that many loans and my money was not invested. I decided to include additional loan originators. These are:

  • BB Finance Group
  • Cream Finance,
  • Credissimo,
  • Creditstar,
  • Credius,
  • Delfin Group,
  • Dineo Credito,
  • Dziesiatka,
  • ESTO,
  • Everest Finanse,
  • ID Finance
  • ID Euroasia,
  • Iute Credit,
  • Pintar,
  • LF TECH,
  • Mikrokapital,
  • Placet and
  • Wowwo

For interest rate I chose 14% and up, with remaining loan term from 0 to 54 months.

So far the settings seems ok and the world hasn’t exploded yet.

Please don’t take my settings and just blindy copy them, inform yourself and choose well.

Anyway, here are the obligatory statement and graph:

Mintos Statement June 2020
Mintos income statement for June 2020.

Mintos Graph June 2020
Mintos income graph for June 2020.

Yes, yes, I know. 2€ per month, much wow. Though I am putting 100 € per month on Mintos, so the numbers should go higher every month.

ETF Update

Nothing extraordinary new happening in the world (relative to this year events), the FED is still pushing the stock market up, and I am still investing every month into VWCE ETF. My limit orders at the 2020 market bottom are still unfulfilled, but in the slight chance that the market will crash again, I am ready for it. Feels good man.

You can check out my guide and recommendations how/where to invest in index funds here.

Slow and steady wins the race. See you next month!

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