Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update March 2020

My first monthly report! I shall call it … *drums* … P2P Portfolio Update March 2020! 😀 Honestly, I am just happy to still have health and wealth.

My Take on Coronavirus Times

Around February 22th 2020, market drop happened, thanks to coronavirus. This could lead to a worldwide recession, depends on how long the pandemic will take, how many waves of it there will be, and if it will be a seasonal illness. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee this virus won’t stay with us for the rest of the days.

But let’s not get too grim here. What I want to say is, a market correction is an excellent opportunity for you to start investing in stocks and ETFs. Some ETFs dropped more than 30%, which is already a huge discount. So don’t forget to learn about ETF investing and start doing it.

P2P Portfolio Update March 2020 Overview

So far I am only invested on Iuvo Group and Mintos. You can see my reviews of them here. My next P2P platform will most likely be Lendermarket because their bonus is something I don’t want to pass on.

PlatformIncomeMarch’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group26,44 €12,63 %2633,86 €
Mintos11,11 €1825,78%111,15 €
Total37,55 €‭919,21‬ %‭2.745,01‬ €
P2P Income March 2020 Graph

You are of course wondering what the heck is with that Mintos XIRR? It’s simple – I deposited 100 € to Mintos and bought discounted loans on the secondary market. The discount for all loans together was 11,11 €. This brought XIRR insanely high. Of course, with time, it will come down, but I still had some laugh and posted this on Mintos Facebook group (note: Mintos shows NAR, not XIRR).

Mintos March XIRR

Iuvo Group March Income

I started investing with auto-invest function, but since the coronavirus turndown, I am manually investing in loans on the secondary market. Those small discounts do add up!

Account statement screenshot:

Iuvo Group Statement March 2020

Iuvo Group income graph:

Iuvo Group Monthly P2P income

You can check out my Iuvo Group review here.

Mintos March Income

As I said before, I invested 100 € on Mintos and bought discounted loans from the secondary market, which gave me sky-high ROI (nice rhyme).

Account statement screenshot:

Mintos Statement March 2020

Mintos income graph:

Mintos Monthly P2P income

My income would be a bit higher if I didn’t have pending payments for almost half of my loans (4 out of 11 to be exact). Oh well, you can’t have it all.

You can check out my Mintos review here.

That’s it for my first month. Take care of yourself and your family, and until next time!

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