Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update May 2020

The month of May came around and it’s time for a new monthly update – P2P Portfolio Update May 2020.

Some New Articles

I wrote some new guides, reviews, and tips. Hopefully, you will find value in some of them.

P2P Portfolio Update May 2020 Overview

In my previous monthly update, I said that my next P2P platform will be Lendermarket, because of the sweet registration bonus. Sadly, I’ve read a lot of negative comments regarding the platform – such as that all loans are extended and no payments are being made to investors. So I will wait a month or two before I start investing there.

For that reason, I am still only active on Mintos and Iuvo Group. Let’s see how I did in May.

PlatformIncomeMay’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group23,80 €11,01 %2681,84 €
Mintos1,94 €9,38 %313,86 €
Total25,74 €‭10,20‬ %‭2995,70‬ €
Monthly P2P income

That is 2 € less than the month before, which is nothing to be alarmed of. But less than 5 € short of having 3000 € in P2P feels nerve-racking. Oh well, next month I will reach it for sure.

Having a lower income in € is not as important as total XIRR, which thankfully raised above 10%. That is mostly thanks to changed auto-invest settings on Iuvo Group and some other things – let’s dive into it.

Iuvo Group May Income

April was sadly the last month for buying loans on the secondary market with big discounts. Now there are no more loans with a discount of 5 % or more.

So I am back to auto-invest settings, which I tweaked a little, like removed investing in business loans and loans from Kviku, BBG (which shouldn’t be an option, since they are no longer connected to Iuvo Group platform) and KFP. I put a minimum interest rate of 14 %, which does not seem too high because I never see parked money (that is money not invested) for more than a day or two.

Let’s put some pretty pictures here, so we don’t get too much text.

Iuvo Group Income May 2020

You can see that I got a lot of money back from the “buyback principal received” – 531,10 €. This means a lot of loans went into default and I received back the money I invested. This is great, although the greedy side of me would say it’s a shame there are no interests on top of that.

Let’s see how income looks like compared to previous months.

Iuvo Group Monthly Income April 2020 Graph

Nothing shocking, but it’s consistent passive income, which I respect.

You can check out my Iuvo Group review here.

Mintos May Income

A couple of things changed on my Mintos account.

First, I created 2 auto-invest settings: the first one is for buying discounted loans on the secondary market. The second one is buying loans on the primary market. Just a tip – the order of auto-invest settings is important. The one that you want to trigger first, has to be first on the list.

Mintos Income May 2020 autoinvest

Since I don’t hold much money on Mintos, the loan originators I picked are one of the most stable and successful ones. You can check them out here.

Anyway, here is the account statement …

Mintos Income May 2020

… and income graph.

Mintos Monthly Income May 2020 Graph

1 € more than in April – by Zeus’ beard! I will surely invest that back into new loans. 🙂

ETF Update

In May, I finally decided to start buying ETFs, specifically VWCE, which tracks stocks from developed and emerging countries worldwide. To know which broker I use, check the guide at the start of this article.

Before the purchase, I was still positive that the market will go down, but now I am not so sure anymore, mainly because FED is printing so much money, which Americans use to invest in stocks. Funny how things go in the Land Of Freedom.

I still have large limit buy orders, waiting if the market crashes tomorrow. We will see what will happen – will the second round of Corona bring the market down?

We will see. But for now, this is it for my P2P Portfolio Update May 2020. Stay healthy, hairy, and happy and until next time.

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