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Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update November 2020

December is here, and with it, my P2P Portfolio Update November 2020! My November was quite chill – I hope yours was as well. I sadly didn’t write any new articles or reviews, but I will surely write a Lendermarket review in the upcoming days.

So let’s jump straight into my P2P update!

P2P Portfolio Update November 2020 Review

Regarding the P2P scene, nothing major happened, so I didn’t expect any out of the ordinary returns and percentage returns.

What did happen, was Bitcoin skyrocketing to 2017 highs. I never mentioned this in my previous articles, but I invest in cryptocurrency as well. I don’t want to write updates for my crypto investments though, but I will give you my opinion on it, and if it is too late to invest in crypto.

Also, Lendermarket again has some interesting rewards, which I will mention.

But first, let’s look at P2P update.

PlatformIncomeNovember’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group27,71 €12,93 %2850,79 €
Mintos5,24 €15,46 %443,62 €
Lendermarket24,90 €15,47* %1850,61 €
Total57,85 €‭14,62‬ %‭5145,02‬ €
November P2P Income table.
* Rewards not included.

Compared to October’s numbers, it’s almost the same. I got 4 € less on Iuvo Group, but 4 € more on Lendermarket, so it evens out.

Also, my portfolio is now bigger than 5000 €. If only I put it all into crypto … but more on that later. 🙂

My P2P returns compared to previous months:

P2P Portfolio Update November 2020
P2P Income Graph for November 2020.

I hope we both agree that stable gains are best gains. 🙂

Now let’s skim over each individual P2P platform.

Iuvo Group

Iuvo Group Summary November 2020
Iuvo Group Summary November 2020.

In November I received 27,71 € from interests, which puts my XIRR to 12,93 %.

As mentioned, it’s 4 € less than in October, but in my opinion, nothing to worry about.

I am still not sure if I should reallocate some money to Lendermarket since a secondary market is something I value a lot. If I want to exit the Iuvo Group platform, I can sell all my invested loans at once, but on Lendermarket it is not possible. Write a comment down below if you have some advice for me.

Iuvo Group income compared to previous months:

Iuvo Group Graph November 2020
Iuvo Group Income Graph for November 2020.

From the start, Iuvo Group was a stable platform, which I respect.


Mintos Summary November 2020
Mintos Summary for November 2020.

In November I received 5,24 €, which brings my XIRR to 15,46 %.

Getting discounted loans off Mintos’ secondary market is sweet, but I don’t yet intend on putting more money on the platform. To me, the platform seems “too broad”. Lots of loan originators, some good, some bad, some who defaulted and have troubles paying off their debt. I don’t feel confident in it, therefore I don’t put money on it.

Income Graph compared to previous months:

Mintos Graph November 2020
Mintos Graph for November 2020.

So exciting! 😀


Lendermarket Summary November 2020
Lendermarket Summary for November 2020.

In November, Lendermarket brought me 20,90 € in passive income, which puts XIRR at 15,47 %. I also received bonus of 4 €.

The bonus came from depositing 200 € (they had 2 % cashback on new deposits in September). I don’t count bonuses and rewards as part of passive income, because they don’t come from P2P lending, so I didn’t include it in XIRR.

Income compared to previous monts:

Lendermarket Graph November 2020
Lendermarket Graph for November 2020.

Cool, 4 € more than in October. Now to the juicy part.

Lendermarket Giveaway

Lendermarket iPhone Rewards

Lendermarket is giving us a chance to win iPhone 12!

The campaign started on the 9th of November and is open until the 13th of December 2020.

Any investor can participate by depositing at least 100 €. But here is the catch: the more you invest, the more chances you have to win!

Check their site for more information if you are interested.

In my opinion, it’s really neat of Lendermarket to attract investors (their money, to be precise) in new ways, other than cashback rewards. Just the thought of getting a new iPhone is probably more interesting to investors than 2% cashback. So props to Lendermarket.

Creditstar Q&A Webinar

Lendermarket also held a webinar with Creditstar’s management (Credistar is the only loan originator on the Lendermarket platform), which was held on the 27th of November. I wasn’t able to participate, so I have to find someone’s other’s notes. I will update this blog post when I do get find one.

Update: Lendermarket support was kind enough to send me Q&A file. They answered following questions:

  • How has Covid-19 impacted the business in 2020?
  • Has Creditstar applied to obtain a bank license in 2021?
  • What does Creditstar have in focus regarding product developments or new markets?
  • Who will be Creditstar Group’s auditor for 2020?
  • Is Creditstar looking into any acquisition opportunities?
  • What can you comment about portfolio quality and default rates?
  • Foreign exchange risk?
  • Why is Creditstar offering different interest rates for its loans on different P2P platforms (Lendermarket and Mintos)?

See the answers below.


The stock market is doing quite ok (I know, such professional opinion 🙂 ). It reacted strongly when the COVID-19 vaccine was announced. So although I still have some limit orders not filled, my investment is in the green.

ETF Update November 2020
ETF snapshot for November 2020.


Not many mainstream news media reports on cryptocurrencies’ bull market. Some altcoins spiked a lot, for instance, the WAVES coin is at 325 %. Bitcoin is almost at the 2017 high of $20,000.

Bitcoin November Graph
BTC/USD chart.

Remember that time? 2017 bull market? When everyone was talking about it like mad, and dumb money was put into it (don’t get me wrong, I don’t laugh at them. A lot of people lost their savings, pensions, and even houses). Now, hardly anyone talks about Bitcoin, and it’s prone to making new record highs. Which is a good thing.

In my humble opinion, Bitcoin’s adoption is proving it’s usability (for instance, Paypal adopted it). I don’t know exactly what will be its main use in the future, but I do know that we are moving in that direction. So I am almost sure the price will continue to go up, especially when people will again start talking about it, like in 2017.

It’s not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies, but remember that they are considered high risk in the eyes of the mainstream.


The future will surely prove to be interesting. How will P2P do in 2021? Will the stock market continue to go up, as well as Bitcoin?

For now, If we believe it will bring us positive things, all we can do is invest in it.

Until next time!

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