Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update October 2020

Happy Halloween everyone! A new month is here and with it my P2P Portfolio Update October 2020! Hope you had a good party … at home, behind screen monitor, watching some online event. Well, what can we do, but hope that the pandemic will leave us alone soon.

Just as FYI, I updated my P2P Glossary article, in case you need to refresh some of the words thrown around in the P2P universe.

P2P Portfolio Update October 2020 Review

First, I wrote a review of the P2P litigation funding platform, AxiaFunder. The review can be found here. It’s an interesting diversity option for us, investors, so it’s worth checking out.

Nothing shocking happened in October, so I will mostly just report on the income and percentage returns. Let’s jump in.

PlatformIncomeOctober’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group32,04 €13,87 %2822,45 €
Mintos4,79 €14,62 %438,41 €
Lendermarket20,74 €16,13 %1725,57 €
Total57,57 €‭14,87‬ %‭4986,43‬ €
October P2P Income table.

The overall XIRR percentage is quite high, which I am of course happy for. Next month I will achieve 5000 € total investment in P2P. I started with 2600 € in March, which just made me realize what big of a difference I did over the last 7 months.

Overall income compared to previous months:

P2P Portfolio Update October 2020
P2P income October 2020.

September’s income was that high because I received Lendermarket sign-up bonus. But as seen in October’s income, even without the bonuses, I am still receiving higher and higher passive income.

Iuvo Group October Update

Iuvo Group Summary October 2020
Iuvo Group October 2020 Summary.

In October I received 32,04 € from interests, which brings my XIRR to 13,87%. This is definitely good, and I have a bit more trust in the Iuvo Group platform.

As mentioned in my last Portfolio Update, I may reallocate some of the money from Iuvo Group to Lendermarket, simply because of higher returns. I have not yet decided to do so, but it’s definitely on my potential to-do list. seeing that XIRR from Lendermarket is higher.

Iuvo Group income compared to previous months:

Iuvo Group Graph October 2020
Iuvo Group October 2020 Income Graph.

Solid and decent returns, everything we want from P2P platform. 🙂

Mintos October Update

Mintos Summary September 2020
Mintos October 2020 Summary.

In October I received 4,79 € from interests, which brings my XIRR to 14,62%.

As I mentioned in the last few portfolio updates, I stay invested on the Mintos platform to buy discounted loans on the secondary market, which holds my percentage returns high (overall my Mintos XIRR is 20,27%).

My income graph for Mintos:

Mintos Graph October 2020
Mintos Graph October 2020.

Lendermarket October Update

Lendermarket Summary October 2020
Lendermarket Summary October 2020.

In October I received 20,74 € from interests, which brings my XIRR to 16,13%.

I have nothing new to report on the Lendermarket platform. They seem stable and relatively safe. The cashback campaign is now over, but the platform is still legit, so you might want to try it out.

My Lendermarket graph:

Lendermarket Graph October 2020
Lendermarket Graph October 2020.

I’m still relatively new on the platform, so the graph above might not mean much. Still, for transparency I decided to put it up.

ETF October Update

The second part of October (and now November) is tough on the stock market. Without stimulus money for the Americans, no new money is getting in the stocks. I anticipate this will continue until the elections are over and we see the new stimulus checks.

My investment strategy hasn’t change and I keep putting my money in the ETFs, specifically in VWCE ETF.

ETF Update October 2020
ETF snapshot October 2020.

Pending orders still stand, in case new spike down happens, but overall laddering my position is a way to go for me.


Hope you enjoyed my October’s portfolio update. I must say I am positive surprised by the passive income that I received. Stocks are for the near future depressing, but the chance of them going back up is high, so I am not worried.

Stay safe, keep on gathering new experiences and see you next month!

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