Valentin Kragelj

Valentin Kragelj

P2P Portfolio Update September 2020

Still fresh from the surfing experience (I hope you guys liked the photo from the beach?), I decided to write the P2P Portfolio Update September 2020 a bit earlier. 🙂

Let’s dive straight in!

P2P Portfolio Update September 2020 Overview

Talking points for this month’s review will be:

  • Personal record high P2P income,
  • Mintos‘ troubling monthly funding volume,
  • Received Lendermarket sign-up bonus.

I also just published a review of the P2P litigation funding platform, AxiaFunder. It might be of interest to you guys, maybe just for learning what litigation funding is alongside with its pros and cons.

Anyway, let’s dive into number.

PlatformIncomeSeptember’s XIRRInvested on platform
Iuvo Group28,97 €13,52 %2791,48 €
Mintos5,39 €17,38 %433,36 €
Lendermarket34,54 €14,64 %1604,49 €
Total68,90 €‭15,18‬ %‭4829,33‬ €
September P2P Income table.

Compared to previous months’ income:

P2P Portfolio Update September 2020
P2P Income by month.

Massive spike, thanks to Lendermarket sign-up bonus. Of course, this is a one-time thing, but still, let’s be grateful for what we have. 🙂

Overall XIRR got higher, thanks to, again, Lendermarket platform.

Iuvo Group September Update

Iuvo Group Summary September 2020
Iuvo Group September 2020 Summary.

Although I enjoy the Iuvo Group platform very much, I think its share in my portfolio is a bit too much. I might stop auto-investing, and transfer some of the money over to Lendermarket, to balance things out. I want to first see October’s XIRR of both platforms. Whichever will have higher XIRR, I will be more inclined to put money on.

Usually, you don’t want to chase as high XIRR as possible, but since I think both P2P platforms are in good shape, XIRR is the next thing that is important to me.

For people who didn’t read last month’s portfolio update, let me repeat: On Iuvo Group, loan originator CBC (previously KFP) owes money to Iuvo Group. Iuvo of course initiated legal action against CBC. We will see how things will turn out, but for the near future, investing in CBC loans is a no-no for me.

Iuvo Group Statement September 2020
Iuvo Group September 2020 Income Statement.

Nothing shocking here. “Buyback principal received” got a little higher than in August, but not an alarming rate.

Iuvo Group income compared to previous months:

Iuvo Group Graph September 2020
Iuvo Group September 2020 Income Graph.

New record, awesome!

Mintos September Update

Mintos Summary September 2020
Mintos September 2020 Summary.

Honestly, I am staying on Mintos to buy discounted loans on the secondary market.  It’s what it’s keeping my Mintos XIRR high, as you can see on my Mintos statement:

Mintos Statement September 2020
Mintos September 2020 Income Statement.

Compared to previous months:

Mintos Graph September 2020
Mintos Graph September 2020.

What I want to do here, is bring your attention to Mintos’ funding volume. As seen in the picture below, it’s not really improving. To be honest, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but the first hunch says it’s not. :/

Mintos Funding Volume
Mintos monthly funding volume.
Source: Facebook group ‘Mintos fellows’.

Anyway, it’s too early to tell assume anything here.

Lendermarket September Update

Lendermarket Summary September 2020
Lendermarket Summary September 2020.

My Lendermarket XIRR is finally starting to wake up. For September it was 14,64 %, not including the sign-up bonus. With it, it would be close to 30 %. Like I already mentioned, I received a sign-up bonus of 15,64 €.

Lendermarket Sign-Up Bonus
Lendermarket Sign-Up Bonus E-Mail.

They are still running 2% cashback on new deposits, until the end of October. For new users, this is on top of the usual 1 % cashback. I fully recommend this P2P platform, so please take look here to get the registration link. Sharing is caring!

September’s statement:

Lendermarket Statement September 2020
Lendermarket September 2020 Income Statement.

Compared to previous months:

Lendermarket Graph September 2020
Lendermarket Graph September 2020.

Boom! That’s a big spike! 😀

ETF September Update

In last month’s portfolio update I wrote that in September, the stock market took a bit of a downturn. While this was true at the time, as time passed, price candles turned green again and I didn’t get a heart attack. Thank God!

ETF September 2020
ETF snapshot September 2020.

What I didn’t know about my broker – Trading212 – is that limit order can expire. I guess I have to put them a bit higher. 🙂

ETF limit orders
Trading212 Limit Orders Expiring.


Portfolio update article is done, and I must say, I enjoy writing more and more. I hope you guys had the same successful month of September.

Stay positive (and Covid negative), and see you next month!

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